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The Foundational SAE is conducted by all students in the agricultural education program including students who are on a four-year sequence and those who enroll for the semester.

There are five required components to a Foundational SAE:

In this component, students will research and explore career opportunities within the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources industry. They will complete interest inventories and identify a career goal. Ultimately, students will be able to describe AFNR career opportunities and the path to achieving them.

Through the Employability Skills component, students will develop the skills needed to succeed in both college and their career, including responsibility, communication, innovation, critical thinking and collaboration.

Crafting a personal financial management plan is the focus of the Personal Financial Management and Planning component. Students learn how personal financial practices like budgeting, saving and appropriate use of credit lead to financial independence.

Since some of the AFNR career pathways contain hazardous occupations, it is critical that all students have a strong base of instruction and experience with workplace safety. In this component, students will gain an understanding of the importance of health, safety and environmental management systems in the AFNR workplace.

This component’s goal is to give students an understanding of the width of the industry of agriculture. Students will research and analyze how issues, trends, technologies and public policies impact AFNR systems. They will also evaluate the nature and role that agriculture plays in society, the environment and the economy.

There are three levels of the Foundational SAE guided resources: