ALL Careers Matter

Emily J. Rudder

Limon Public Schools | Agricultural Education Instructor | FFA Advisor

So, you’ve learned about SAE for All and you’re on board? Congratulations—what a great decision! Now that you’re all in, you may be wondering how to get your administration, advisory committee, parents, alumni, and community on board—and this may feel like a mountainous feat. I hope this post will show you how easy it is to market and sell SAE for All!

SAE for All allows each of us to impact students’ futures by helping them create a roadmap of experiences.

Work-based learning, experiential learning, preparing students for the workforce, and similar buzz phrases are filling our schools and communities. I see posts all the time that encourage students to go into trades just as strongly as college. I think we are at a time with education in our country where we are figuring out that all careers matter. Whether you are trying to communicate to a school board president, a livestock show mom, or a new alumni member, we all share the same message: preparing our students for careers and college (no matter what that looks like) is vital to the success of our education system and our society.

Well, guess what? That is EXACTLY what we are doing with SAE for All. By communicating what we are doing to prepare all students for the workforce—no matter what path they take—we are helping community members, administrators, and parents know that we are serving our students the best way we can. SAE for All allows each of us to impact students’ futures by helping them create a roadmap of experiences to get them where they want to be in life. When you word it that way, who wouldn’t be on board with SAE for All?

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